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Any Pokémon sprites. They go here. You are also free to collaborate with me, and make Pokémon sprites of your own. You can also make mini-comics related to the Pokémon sprites, too. Before you begin reading and creating sprites, read the "STOP!" page that can be found in the "Un-Chaptered" section of the archive.

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King and Queen of Elgyem
King and Queen of Elgyem

March 31st, 2014, 10:07 pm

An update from the Pikachu

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been playing some addicting games and haven't put any time into making sprites. I've been back at it just a few minutes ago, and I've run into a problem that is DRIVING ME INSANE!!!

You see, Skitty Rulez requested that I make a female trainer sprite list, which I thought wouldn't be that hard. I was wrong. Very wrong. You see, unless I give all the girls dresses, then I had to make another base sprite. Given the differences in size between my Male Base and my Female Base, stuff got rough quickly. Please note that I have nothing against Skitty Rulez, and I'm not blaming her for this.

I hope that you can forgive the lack of updates from me lately, and I hope to finish the second base sprite and move on the actual sprites. Thank you for your patience.

EDIT: I've got at least 3 base sprites in the making, so I'll post them up and see which one you people think i should use. Get ready for it.

March 18th, 2014, 10:48 am


I know you guys might be upset at "When are you going to post some more sprites." This should fix things. Now, whenever me or Skitty Rulez is about to have a sprite ready we'll let you know when we think we can finish it. While there are no guarantees, It'll give you an idea of how long to wait. Thank you for being patient!

Skitty Rulez: None Yet
Retro Pikachu: None Yet

March 10th, 2014, 10:24 pm

Want me to do a sprite?

I'm not sure if Skitty Rulez will do so, but I'm definitely doing these! Just comment below to send me a sprite request and I'll do the honors. I'll be taking one of these request every now and then so that I can focus on my main stuff I plan on doing check the text below to see my availability on requested sprites:

Request a Sprite Service: Available
Specialties: None

Rules for Sprite Submission:

1. Must be Pokemon related. No Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, etc. This is a Pokemon Comic.
2. No Blood or Gore. Should be self-explanatory.
3. Must be 8-bit (unless I say that you can ask for such things).
4. While not needed, being nice to us will change how long it takes for me to put it up.
5. Must be a sprite
6. Can only ask for one sprite at a time.

Now go ahead and make me regret my decision.

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